Artificial Intelligence, Friend or Foe ?

Numerous people seem to fear the idea of A.I (Artificial Intelligence), reasons vary from the fear of job cuts as machines take on more work doing it at a faster rate than any human can, this results in people losing their jobs. Others fear AI for the mere reason that they are actually going to out smart us and take control of the world. They truly believe that technology is at the brink of taking over the world and killing every human.

Picture this every science fiction movie you’ve seen that portrays the end of the world such as the Terminator and iRobot. Where, it is fundamentally clear that the end of the human race will be due to the rise of the machines, and that the war between the world and machines will begin. For those that watch series such as, “Black Mirror, West World and “Love death and robots. Which keep giving us future glimpses of what already exists as to how these certain technologies from social media to robots that could start to develop their own minds. Leading to what we may fear one day, the fear of losing control of the planet to machines. The movie Ex machina and series Devs, also portray the very bizarre statement of technology being the thing which will allow us to transfer our conciousness into different entities and also allow us to be able to see our past inhibitors on earth. Portraying theories such as imagine if you could go to the exact moment dinosaurs existed, and the time when these same dinosaurs died seeing the evolution of life take place to its current state.

We’ve seen experts such as Elon Musk who’ve warned us about the possibility of AI taking over, through a concept known as machine learning. “Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and by the use of data. It is seen as a part of artificial intelligence” wikipedia. What this fundamentally means is that machine learning is hardly controllable, this is the concept of machines learning on their own and having no human control, this is what has had most computer scientist worried about giving so much control to a machine.   

But to play devils advocate for a minute we have to appreciate the advance technology that has taken place since machine learning has taking over certain jobs. The great part about machine learning is the benefits of easily identifying trends and patterns that take place at a faster rate than any human can. Throughout this process no human intervention is needed as it is fully automated. Automation leads to what we know as continuous improvement as the algorithm continuously solves problems 24/7. This is handled through something known as multi-dimensional and multi-variety data. A wide range of applications to access and determine all the data accumulated in real time.

In a nutshell only time will tell what happens in the future, with the progress of technology, will it be a friend or foe?.

NBR Team

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