Why should I train my sales Team?

The big question all companies ask themselves.

Can I…………. afford to train my sales team?

Can I………… afford NOT to train my sales team?


These are valid questions.

In truth there are many benefits to investing time, effort & capital in training your sales team.

Of course you can plough R1,000’s into training & see little return.

Training just for training sake, can prove fruitless.

But if you clearly identify areas of need, focus cost effective training on them & thereafter ensure implementation, you will surely see Return on Investment.

Training can provide tremendous advantages for your business –

  1. directly improve Customer service
  2. motivate your staff
  3. help improve public perception of your business
  4. build consistency, among other goals
  5. give you an advantage over less skilled competitors


All these things will help increase revenue & improve your bottom line.

Happy training!

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