Unique Speaker Bureau exclusive interview of Thuli Madonsela

Professor Thuli Madonsela

Unique Speaker Bureau is thrilled to bring our very own South African hero who walks her talk – Professor Thuli Madonsela is known for her iconic leadership and contribution to the country in challenging times.

Thuli has been recognized internationally for her influence, integrity, transparency,

and commitment to truth and justice by Transparency International, the Law Society of South Africa, Forbes Africa and Times Magazine.

As an advocate, she has a long history of service to South Africa. As Public Protector, her contribution to the country’s constitution, equality, human rights and good governance has been substantial and her courage an inspiration to us all. She has done so much to promote equality and overcome discrimination. She inspires her audience to step up and be part of the solution. Having grown up poor and faced with great social injustice she learnt to stand up for herself and others at a young age.

Unique Speaker Bureau is proud to announce their representation with Professor Madonsela, who brings a thought-provoking and challenging message of hope. USB was honoured to have her on stage talking to Justin Cohen at the Cape Town Annual Showcase in January where she shared some of her insights as Public Protector and her vision for the future.

The wisdom she shared was a combination of humility and courage as she paid tribute to her team and emphasised how fortunate she was to be part of a team that understood that they had a particular role to support and strengthen constitutional democracy. She believes that every individual is responsible for creating a society that you want to live in and encouraged the audience to recognise the power of the voice of civil society to effect change. She further explained that people are the key to achieve the sustainable development goals and the country’s National Development Plan, where integrity and social justice are at the core.


Thuli has taken up the position of chair of Social Justice in the law faculty at Stellenbosch University. The role includes some teaching but is primarily a platform for addressing contemporary social inequalities. Through the Thuli Madonsela Foundation she also seeks to build a civil society through its Social Justice Programme.

On the conference stage she brings a powerful leadership philosophy of Ubuntu which she describes as: my humanity is defined by yours and the glue that binds us together is integrity, trust and equality. She asks the question “how do we use technology to advance a world that works for all of us? By taking advantage of the digital economy (the fourth industrial revolution) to create a world that works for all”. At the core of that world lies qualities that encompass the values of Ubuntu: human dignity, integrity, respect and inclusion


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