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National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) is a Non-Profit Organization that functions to support vulnerable groups such as the abused and violated children, women, the unemployed, people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in some of the most impoverished informal settlements in Gauteng. The poor socio-economic conditions, low education levels and the inefficient access to health services provide further insights into factors affecting life-style and well-being of the people with whom National Children and Violence Trust works. The communities are located in the informal settlements of Diepsloot, Lanseria, Nooitgedacht, Zandspruit, Itsoseng, and Cosmo City. These areas are subjected to high incidences of violence and trauma.

Our aim is to address the effects of trauma induced by violence, abuse, poverty, inequality, unemployment and HIV/AIDS by providing services that will ensure emotional well-being and the observation of children’s rights and human rights. This is in support of National Children and Violence Trust’s vision of a society where children’s well-being and their rights are protected, preserved and upheld.

The national children and violence trust (NCVT) is a registered South African non-profit organization, established in 1995. It provides community-based psychosocial services and empowerment programmes to children, women and families in underserved areas in Gauteng.


NCVT was founded during the peak of the 1990’s political violence. Its original focus was on supporting and healing traumatised children, affected by the violence. Its founder, Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize, saw a need to help the children especially in the townships with providing trauma counselling.


With over 15 million South African children under the age of 14, and 5.6 million of them being under the age of four years old, it is in the hands of families and communities to ensure that children of all ages do not resort to the streets as a desperate measure to avoid morbid domestic challenges at home. “Children are our future leaders, educators and doctors after all,” says NCVT Senior Social Worker, Judith Mthombeni.


“It is not uncommon for children in South Africa to live separately from their biological parents, in the care of relatives or friends. A number of issues may be attributed to this norm, including: the fear of getting into trouble at school or at home; parents divorcing or living with a new spouse; physical, sexual or substance abuse and bullying to name a few,” explains Mthombeni.


“Our priority is to protect children’s rights and ensure that they are not violated. Should we suspect that a child is in any danger or shows signs of wanting to run away, NCVT social workers intervene using the appropriate channels.”


“In the words of our late Former President, Nelson Mandela, ‘children are our greatest treasure – they are our future’. Let’s save our children from the streets and share love with every child we come across, whether biologically related to you or not,” Mthombeni says.


Over the last 20 years, this has evolved into a more holistic psychosocial approach delivered by our team of social workers and volunteers. The cases that the organization works on, are mainly cases of abuse and domestic violence. The target market has also grown to include more focus on women, persons with disabilities and there is also a stronger focus on family preservation.


NCVT partners with the department of social development, schools, nursery schools, police stations, community leaders and other non-profit organizations. NCVT’s head office is located in Fourways and it shares the same premises as the Witkoppen Clinic. The NCVT team currently works in the following communities: Diepsloot, Lanseria, Zandspruit, Itsoseng and Cosmo City.


The National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) implore communities to join forces in providing a safe and conducive environment for children. NCVT supports vulnerable groups such as abused and violated women and children; the unemployed; and people infected by the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).


NCVT is a member of The Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce, who they have found to be a perfect fit for their organisation.  This is due to their values being aligned in developing entrepreneurs, establishing beneficial partnerships amongst businesses and championing the cause of organisations working in the community.


The Fourways Community Chamber is a platform to profile businesses and community initiativeswith the express interest of sustainable and collaborative development.



Contact details:

Neil Bickmore – acting director/financial manager

Mpumi Mndaneni – senior social worker

Judith Mthombeni senior social worker


Office: 011 7051960 and 011 4674936




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