Stella Bida to talk at Money, Wealth, Business 2018

Joins international and local speakers to guide local and international SME growth

JOHANNESBURG – February 13, 2018 – Renowned client experience strategist, Stella Bida, will be making her way to South African shores to join several equally respected speakers in addressing over 1 500 local and international small to medium business owners at the Money, Wealth, Business Event being held in Kyalami, Johannesburg on 24th and 25th February this year.

Native to the Central African Republic, currently living in Brussels, Bida has gained experience living and working across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Over the past five years, she has successfully run a consulting business for corporates operating predominantly in the banking industry and so, it was no surprise when the JT Foxx Organization invited her to speak at this year’s event, which will be talking directly to entrepreneurs just like her.

“South Africa represents a land of opportunities for an entrepreneur, as it is recognised at a global level. With a troubling economy and high unemployment rates, it is heart-warming to see many young small business owners and entrepreneurs pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and making their own fortune,” says Bida.

“Also well known is that to be successful in this space takes a special kind of mind set, one that is confident in the face of adversity, and stubborn, too, and we intend on showing South African SMEs and entrepreneurs how best to use these traits to their advantage.”

Having worked with many businesses of all sizes, Bida says the customer experience is still fundamental to all business success but many do not know how to optimise efforts in this space although South African businesses, she says, have a head start based solely on the hard working culture they bring to the table.

However, the customer of today is different, she says, and their attitudes are highly influenced by new technologies and their ability to control their own experience. It’s time businesses shift their focus in this space, she adds because satisfied customers take care of the business but they need to be wow’d at all times.

“At this year’s event, I will be talking to business owners and entrepreneurs about the lessons I’ve learnt over time,” says Bida. “Put plainly, when a company is empowered to focus on strategies that keep its customers loyal, results follow and profits increase without much fuss.”

“Delegates attending will leave my session with a better understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty; knowing that building marketing plans, sales plans or even social media plans to grow their business aren’t going to be enough on their own to increase profits; and with a clear view around the strategies they can deploy to keep their existing clients invested.”

This year’s event will see high-level international and local entrepreneurs coming together under the #EntrepreneursUniteSA umbrella to share their success stories and learnings with local business owners and entrepreneurs.

Speakers include:

  • South African television personality, beauty pageant titleholder, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Basetsana Kumalo;
  • Respected local entrepreneur, Johanna Mukoki;
  • International Bitcoin tycoon, Mao Lal;
  • International real estate investor, developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Anthony Lolli;
  • And JT Foxx, who refers to himself as the ultimate Millionaire Underdog.

Interested parties are invited to visit to book their seats now.


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