South African Small Business Awards happening tomorrow

Ending off its 10th year, The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), in association with World Famous Events, has announced South Africa’s ‘Top 20’ for the 2018 South African Small Business Awards.

The Awards function will take place tomorrow, on Thursday 8 November 2018 at 08h30 at the Barnyard, Silverstar Casino, Johannesburg. Please find the attached VIP Invitation to attend as media. Please RSVP directly on this invitation.

“We are astounded at the diversity of entrants again this year, but equally encouraged as it shows the depth and breadth of South Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit. Growing small and medium businesses is vital to the local economy and its ever-growing rate of unemployment. This type of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit will undoubtedly cultivate a much healthier business landscape for all involved,” says Mike Anderson, Founder and CEO of the NSBC.

The 2018 “Top 20” all receive a “Top 20” Award, and are all automatic finalists for the category and special award. Anderson says the categories are selected with strategic intent, paying homage to sectors within the business landscape that potentially present greater stumbling blocks to success.

The 2018 categories are as follows:

2018 National Small Business Champion

2018 National Entrepreneur Champion

2018 National Woman in Business Champion

2018 National Rising Star Champion

The 2018 awards are sponsored by FedEx, Microsoft, Absa and Telkom.

“We are humbled by the support of such esteemed industry leaders. Without their commitment to building tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, these businesses, would have less opportunities to thrive and flourish,” says Anderson.

The “Top 20” not only get acknowledges as winners for this accomplishment, but are also in line to win a category and/or special award:

2018 Special Awards:

2018 National Community Award

2018 National Innovation Award

2018 National Tourism Award

2018 Never Surrender Award

“Each entrant has in some way made a difference to someone’s life, either through employing them or by offering services to them. At the heart of this great nation is its people and I am proud to be associated with all these very worthy winners,” says Anderson.

He says that the NSBC would not only like to congratulate the “Top 20”, but also thank them for their relentless commitment to building a better tomorrow.

NSBC Invitation

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