As complex as quantum physics is the theory and practicality of a quantum computer seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. The idea that one can possibly be able to access information at a far superior rate will be the biggest game changer since the landing on the moon.


One of the definitions found online state that; “Quantum computing is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computationComputers that perform quantum computations are known as quantum computers”.

Now for someone like myself who is not truly in tune with quantum physics that definition is a lot to digest , so I took it upon myself to find out how I can easily understand what quantum computing really is and what it could theoretically do in the future. Now to distinguish the difference between a quantum computer and our regular computer or classical computer.

Our modern/classic computers (cell phone, laptop, desktop, smart TV, etc.) all function on bits which predict things in 0’s and 1’s meaning your information has 2 alternatives to choose from. To elaborate a little further what is meant by that is, when you take a coin you notice that there’s 2 sides: heads and tails. Now if you were to flip that coin you get either heads or tails it cannot be both at the same time. So this means that you have a 50 % chance of being right with your predictions when you toss a coin. This applies to research when you are searching something it will take longer to find a cure with modern/classic computer as it would with a quantum computer.   

Now with a Quantum Computer first thing I noticed was that it does not look like any computer I know or have ever seen. Now with what I know about normal computers using bits to function a quantum computer uses what is known as quantum bits or for short “qubits”. Now to explain Qubits continuing with the coin analogy. We have distinguished a computer functions like a flip of a coin. Qubits allow a quantum computer to change the scenario by functioning using amplitudes, which allow the computer to not flip the coin but make you spin the coin which allows one to have a series of possibilities because now your information can be 1’s or 0’s or both, because by spinning the coin your predictions are no longer heads or tails but because you have a spinning coin it is able to distinguish the best way faster than a normal computer. So in other words what would take years for a normal computer to do will take a quantum computer seconds.

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