KidZania.Get ready for a better World!


Get ready for a better World!

“Cause every adventure begins at an Airport”

Wouldn’t it be nice to be exposed to the working world at a young age?…wouldn’t it be better for the next generation to be exposed to the world of careers and try them out before ‘growing up.’ KidZania has managed to just that by creating a city that hosts a variety of career paths and an unlimited exploration for children between the age of 4 to 18 years. Helping create a deeper desire for work ethic within the next generation.

KidZania Johannesburg, is the first of its kind in all of Africa! With a team of well organized engineers, KidZania moved the Boeing 737 entirely from Jet Park in East Rand to Fourways Mall on the 27th of February 2018. This pivotal day in history has started a revolution that helps enlighten the young about decision making and responsibility.

The whole idea behind KidZania is, that the kids control the world by understanding the importance of role playing to stimulate the children in a proactive way. The plane will be found in Fourways Mall at the entrance of KidZania. The procedure will be treated like going to the airport, every visitor will be printed a boarding pass before entering the world of KidZania.

The Boeing 737 will be assembled completely with the wings attached for realistic simulation. The whole idea is to move the child into a world of role play, where they learn and understand the steps to working and playing hard, but with ambition of gaining KidZania currency (Kidzos) and acquiring experience in the the multitude of careers in the adult world.

“KidZania is all about role playing! From cabin crew to pilot”, says Sade Lekana (KidZania Head of Legal and Public relations). Career paths do not only include the world of aviation but also healthcare, law, engineering and a number of other professions. Each profession has an insight of what the career is about.

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