On a daily basis we are surrounded by evidence of clever technology that makes our lives easier, more efficient, faster…. It’s all in a days work. When we go home to our families, to our comforts and space where we can be ourselves, where’s the technology then? Well, it’s in all of the appliances we use and what we power them with, but it’s no longer just basic functionality. Innovation is the key word when we look at the latest technology in TVs, it’s like being at the event now. Sound reproduction has reached the clarity of absolute perfection, cameras are capturing the world around us in 360 degrees…it’s the world in our hands and it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed. An entrepreneur who understands and embraces the thrill of new technologies is Andre du Toit, owner of The Digital Experience at Fourways Crossing on William Nicol Drive. If there is an innovative advance in any area of technology that influences your home comfort, he is the first to bring that experience to his customers. The Digital Experience recently enlarged the store by a third in order to accommodate the exciting and innovative technologies that are now focused on the kitchen. The new ‘foodie’ generation is looking for the alternative techniques and error free appliances to practice the art of bringing food to the table in the most nutritious and taste filled manner. Old fashioned kitchens don’t facilitate any of that efficiently. A company that has mastered the ultimate kitchen technologies is MIELE. An exciting new addition to The Digital Experience, the beautiful Miele kitchen set-up gives you a taste of the extensive Miele range and capabilities. The result of four generations of engineering excellence, this German brand is designed and crafted for sustainability (for which principles they have won awards in Germany). Not for them the limited lifespan that is behind the economy appliances philosophy of repeat sales. Each item, be it an oven, a stove, a refrigerator or a washing machine, the sustainability- the vision of people building entire Miele environments is the ultimate quality assurance that this proud brand brings to market. Miele is committed to moving with the times while remaining true to themselves. The latest appliances work by swiping, scrolling and touch operation in the same way as a modern Smartphone. The underlying technology that facilitates automation and networking is already geared towards the meaning of ‘Quality’ in the future. With all of the advances being predicted around the ‘intelligent home’, where the health, quality of life and security of families will be designed into the home solution, Miele is participant in the projects with an aim to continue to make products that improve our quality of life and create the least impact on the environment. Foodie heaven is in the design details in the Miele kitchen appliance design. Pyrolyctic programmes reduce the effort of cleaning to a minimum. A warming drawer that can double as a sous-vide slow cooker makes perfect sense. A cooker hood that communicates with the hob and automatically switches off intuitively post cooking when no longer needed. Sensors that monitor heat and moisture to give you the optimum cooking environment. Steam ovens with multiple inlets to shorten your cooking duration but guarantees an even heat environment. ( These non-pressured steam ovens are a gentle method of cooking food while retaining nutrition, a Miele innovation brought about by studying ancient Asian cooking practices) The list goes on….and on. A feast of features that once experienced become a ‘must have’ ambition in any modern kitchen. Miele creates appliances, from coffee machines to vacuum cleaners to the ultimate kitchen and laundry appliances that are perfection every way, that appeal to the senses and meet the evolving needs of each generation, aesthetically, visually and functionally. The Digital Experience invites you to come and experience the most exciting, most innovative technology available in quality brands. Spend a while with us and you will see your home in a whole new way.

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