Generational Inheritance


Compiled by Jasper Cloete (Founder of GIG)

How would your life have been different if you would have had a great grandfather who understood the power of a generational mindset and many years ago started your family on a journey where in his lifetime, he led the family from a Struggle existence to one of great wealth and Significance!

Here is how generational inheritance works. Image because of his understanding of Generational Wealth, your great grandfather structured his family life around principles of stewardship, studying and preparing for the future and where each member of the family understood their generational purpose to the benefit of the family and community. He involved his children (your granddad) on this journey and started a family fund to the benefit of his immediate children and their descendants. He also taught his children to do the same for their families and in the process created a wealth machine where the wealth of founding generation overflowed into the funds of the successive generations!

He would have started from humble beginnings and the cash flow would have been tight for many years. But soon the first family business would have been started and from that success the family then branched out into three successful businesses by the time the great grandfather passed on.

Your dad now grew up knowing and understanding how to operate from a generational mindset. Although he went to private schools and was sent to spend the year after high school to travel the world and broaden his experience, he was never spoiled. He grew up earning his pocket money through part-time jobs and was taught the value of business and investing. He worked for most of his school holidays in the various businesses owned by the various uncles and aunts and through that found out what he was good at and wanted to do for the rest of his life.

By the time you arrived on earth, your family was now known as one of the key families in society with businesses in various industries. As a child you attended the annual family get togethers where you met and interacted with your uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces and learned about the rich history of your family. It was also established cultures that a child at 21 received the keys to their own house fully paid for, with the only condition that they must use the rental money and start his own family fund. Any member of that family knew that they could study anything they wanted and if they wished to start their own business they would be able to get an interest free loan from the fund.

The fund further provided self- insurance and its own medical aid scheme for the family members. As the members got older they were looked after in quality frail care centres funded by the family fund. Although the uncertainty in the economical and political situation of the day affected the broader community (those stuck in the one-generational mindset), you grew up with a sense of purpose and couldn’t wait to start your adult life and contributed to your family and community.

This is the world of generational inheritance – However…..

If you’re like me, you never had that great grandfather, grandfather or even father that transformed the family into a generational family fund.

So how many more generations of mediocre living will it take before someone in your family bloodline will step up to the plate and take the responsibility to become that Founding Parent? Take the first step…..

The Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) was established as a support group for Founding Parents who wanted to move their families from the one-generational mindset, programmed to stay in economic lack and pain, to the three -Generational Mindset of Abundance and Prosperity.

To find out more about GIG, go to and watch the 4 min video and register as a Free Member. If you like what you see then contact Jasper Cloete at 0833029840 or email him on to book your seat for the next presentation on GIG and the Community Bank and come and learn how you can become the Founding Parent of Your Family Dynasty!

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