Department of Labour taking steps to reopen the Johannesburg Labour Centre

The Department of Labour is moving a step closer towards the reopening of the Johannesburg Labour Centre (JLC) to address service delivery.


A new advertisement for the tender for office accommodation will be placed by the Department of Public Works in the Government Tender Bulletin in the first week of June 2018.


The later move follows a series of engagements held between the Departments of Public Works and the Department of Labour, where it was agreed that the process to find new office accommodation needs to be restarted. In this regard, new specifications were developed and approved. A Project Execution Plan was developed by the Department of Public Works in consultation with the Department of Labour for the purpose of implementation and monitoring of the process.


The Department’s building at 143  Commissioner Street was closed following a prohibition notice by the occupation health and safety inspectors over concern for safety of employees.


After some corrective action, engagements and negotiations between all the stakeholder it was agreed in May 2015 that a Prohibition Notice would be revoked. It was then agreed that staff would move back into the building at 143 Commissioner Street.


Unfortunately, during June 2015, a fire broke out in the building which resulted in the death of 2 Fire Fighters, before the staff could move back into the building.


The Johannesburg Emergency Services conducted an investigation to determine the cause of the fire and ultimately found that the building was generally unsafe for accommodation and served a notice on the landlord to shut the building completely. All the remaining tenants were issued with notices to vacate the building and electricity and water supplies were disconnected.


The Department Public Works initiated legal proceedings with a view to terminate the contract so that the process to find alternative accommodation could be undertaken. It must be noted that the Department of Public Works was successful in terminating the contract.


In July 2017, a tender for office accommodation for JLC was advertised in the Government Tender Bulletin. The tender evaluation processes were subsequently undertaken. However, no successful bidders was found, resulting in the process lapsing in January 2018.


Discussions were subsequently held between the Departments of Public Works and Labour where it was agreed that the process to find new office accommodation.


The Department of Labour wishes to reiterate its commitment to service delivery.


Issued by:

Department of Labour Spokesperson

Teboho Thejane

082 697 0694


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