Business with SOLAR versus Business without Solar

As the CEO of Zeroth Energy (Pty) Ltd, an energy wholesaler brokerage, that facilitates the installation of Solar Energy Systems to businesses by means of a RENT-TO-OWN facility I take pride in knowing the real benefits our product offers businesses and the valuable difference that is made to those businesses who take the decision to switch.

Zeroth’s RENT-TO-OWN facility means that a business needs not use its cash resources that can be applied to trading stock. Our RENT-TO-OWN option includes the cost of the initial installation, setting up the system as well as on-going maintenance and monitoring costs. No initial capital lay-out, making it a “no brainer” for any company to own a Solar Power producing system of their own.

If a business still depends solely on energy provided by our national energy supplier provided through the energy grid network of Eskom as a trustworthy monopolistic source of safe power versus alternative energy provided by solar power, consider the following case scenarios of “Business with Solar” versus “Business without Solar”.


Consider two “Fruit and Veggie” businesses, “Going Green (Pty) Ltd” and “Bobby Blue (Pty) Ltd”, medium to large sized businesses competing in their respective local shopping centres just down the road from each other.

Zeroth Energy informs “Going Green” of the benefits of “Business with Solar” and they decide to switch to Solar Energy through Zeroth’s RENT-TO-OWN system, which not only has them up and running with no capital layout and installation costs, but also

  • Puts a Solar Power System on the roof of “Going Green’s” premises, clearly visible for their customers to see, but also for their opposition (Bobby Blue’s) to see. Actually everybody will be able to see that “Going Green” has a commitment to support our planet and reduce harmful elements. Equally environmentally aware customers will be mindful of that when making a decision where to shop;
  • Starts saving on his monthly electricity cost in a manageable environment;
  • Investing in the building. The value of the building immediately appreciates with this value-add;
  • Investing in the future. Top level Tier 1 Solar panels used in the installation are warranted for 25 years, and will therefore produce energy AT NO COST to “Going Green” at the end of the rental agreement;
  • Making a commensurate contribution to the reduction of the carbon foot-print left by harmful coal emissions.


On the other side is “Bobby Blue” whose owner, Mr P Essimist:

  • Still buys his energy at prescribed high fees from ESKOM because he fears the sun will not rise in the morning;
  • Believes that anything that is free must have some hidden catch; and
  • Believes that the cost of maintaining the system is too high.


Mr P Essimist remains, however, unmoved by advanced technology and remains rather archival. The public will see him as being unmoved by the energy challenges, is irritated by the noise of his generators every time ESKOM’s power fails, etc. and notices that his opposition starts reducing their product prices!


Apart from the free marketing benefits of “Going Green’s” Solar System Installation and the improved property value, reduced operational costs from saving on the energy bill is just the beginning of an upward spiral of exponential benefits that “Going Green” will be enjoying.

In general terms it is estimated that a medium to larger sized grocery business can save as much as R2.8m in the next ten years on energy costs through a Solar Power Plant.

Consider the following:

  • Reduced overheads mean consumer product prices can be reduced and passed on to the customer which in our competitive market will draw clientele;
  • Reduced overheads mean more profit that can be shared with employees in improved working conditions, training and better salaries resulting in happier and efficient staff and improved customer services;
  • And the real beneficiaries of all these improvements, the customers of course! Happy customers = more loyal customers = better business.

Which is your business? “Going Green” I hope and not the flailing business of Mr P Essimist.

Contact me, Jaco Venter, at Zeroth ( for your business to also start enjoying all the benefits of a RENT-TO-OWN Solar plant.

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