Augmented Reality! A quick search on Google will tell you that this means a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. But what is it really? And how can it benefit you?

Technonogly exists to make life easier. We live in the age of information and everything is readily and easily available at your fingertips…the only prerequisite is a smart phone. Though this may seem incredible, and it is, having access to everything means just that. You have access to all types of information.

This is one aspect that Augmented Reality can really shine and enhance! Considered the 4th immersive wave of computing, AR (Augmented Reality) together with VR (Virtual Reality?)definitely changes the way we access information and sift out right from wrong and wanted from unwanted. It can, in essence, save you time.

Consider this, you’re flipping through a magazine and an advert grabs your attention. What are the steps you would take to enquire further information on that particular product?

  • You could call the number displayed and hold on while a receptionist tries to locate the correct department to put you through. By this time you’ve wasted valuable time holding on the phone.
  • You could visit the website and view further details on the product. Off course, you are interrupted with pop up ads continuously.

Both these actions require user input as well as considerable time. AR allows you to access ONLY that most relevant information via one of the many apps available today. One such app is PixzAR. Created in South Africa this App aims to do just that. Pixzar Changes the way the public interacts with advertising, marketing, books, newspapers, logos and other media…

For instance – A particular car ad commands your attention – All you need to do is use PixzAR to scan said ad and have access to a whole range of additional, more detailed and relevant & digital information. This App takes you into the configuration details of the car, videos of that particular vehicle. You could practically see every aspect of the vehicle ….on your smart phone.

Another eg. if it was an outfit that grabbed your attention…and you would like to for eg. see different colours, that too would be made available digitally with a simple swipe option, rather than going through the website and spending time scrolling looking for that specific item.

The steady growth of AR globally and various application to use it, is taking the marketing industry by storm. Another application that can be used together with VR is the education sector. Gone are the days of researching encyclopaedias, history books etc, manually.  All vital information for every conceivable subject may be brought into the 21st century by simply augmenting the pages. No need to change the print, just implement or update the digital content. This in turn gives added value to current meduim all the way from famous fairy tales to history to complex math and physics problems.

What about the DIY groups I hear you ask? How often do we get a one page instructional diagram that make little to no sense? With AR, a simple scan of that page would bring to life in 3D excatly how A should be slotted in B and which screws goes where!

So what is AR exactly? AR is more than just cool digitally generated information. AR is a time saver. It, like many of the technological advances is to make your life easier. To give you the most accurate, and relevant information WHEN YOU want it. Also, it’s damn cool! Don’t believe us? Just download PixzAR and Scan this very article.

Have an article or advert under this and invite the readers to download the app and scan the article and see how AR really works

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