The idea or concept of approaching anything in life whether in (business or a big move away from family) with a logical approach, is important. The approach of assuming nothing, by not getting your hopes up about what can or cannot work. This also applies to friendships, relationships, life lessons. It may help to assume nothing from anything or anyone, but prepare yourself to expect everything. This way you have a clear understanding and level of consciousness to be aware of anything unusual about a deal or contract you have to sign. What this helps is to be mindful about the decisions you make. Which teaches you to make sound decisions under pressure. We all know how life can get so overwhelming to a point that you become depressed.

Assuming nothing

The concept of assuming nothing is to create a way of being in which you are able to remove emotion in making critical decisions that could affect important decisions. Life can be quite humbling, leading you into situations you never expected yourself to be in. Planning your future hopes and dreams of having a particular life, but having to face the reality that some of those hopes and dreams may not come true. Depression is something that hits people hard on a daily basis. People are taught to work hard and to follow their dreams. However in reality certain hopes and dreams we have as we grow older, tend to show the fact that we taught from a young age to view the world a certain way. However, when it comes to how life really is we find it difficult to cope, which leads to many facing depression. Depression hits the best of us and we taught to just suppress those emotions and act strong. Sometimes the best option you have is to not suppress your depression but to pay attention to it and let your self heal, sometimes its best to talk about it with loved ones or a specialist. Sometimes you just need to have a day that is specifically designed for you to do things you feel like doing.

A factor that has helped me go through certain aspects of my life with a slight handling, is what I like to call “down days”, which is basically paying attention to me and my health. Paying attention to the food I eat and paying attention to my sleeping patterns and daily routines, working on my bad habits daily and finding good habits to replace those bad habits.

What I will say is that walking into rooms, making decisions on a daily basis like solving problems. I use a very peculiar approach pattern of thought, when it comes to how I present myself as I walk into rooms and how I make decisions. Which is that, I assume nothing and expect anything. By doing this I am allowing myself to be given the benefit of the doubt, by a certain situations. Furthermore by expecting everything I am eliminating any possible chance of having a certain high expectation and replacing it with a logical observation and understanding of that particular situation/moment. I am basically teaching myself to unlearn the fact that I deserve everything. Also I’m giving myself a clear mindset to see things with clarity in order to make the best decision towards a particular predicament I may be facing or the excitement of getting my hopes up before decisions are made. It allows me to manage my stress and it also as mentioned allows me to think logically and ethically about the decisions I make. this also feeds me the right energy to produce humility in my decision and analysis of things irregardless of the outcome.

This concept of assuming nothing and expect anything allows me to build a mindset that helps me narrow down the best decision without using ego or pride to make a decision. This particular process is similar to the concept of failing forward. Because in life things tend to move in a way which leads to you failing a lot. However failing is not necessarily a negative outcome, it is an opportunity for one to learn from their mistakes and to understand what went wrong by analysing what you could’ve be done different, could be lack of preparation, or how you communicate your product or idea.

Im not saying this will cure ones anxiety, but what it will do is allow yourself to not take certain situations into heart and to understand that life is filled with ups and downs, meaning not everything will go your way and that it is okay to be sad or angry from time to time, but its not okay for you to transfer that negative energy towards someone else because you bottled it up inside.

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