On Saturday 18th May 2019 Bryanston Primary hosted the 50th edition of their popular six-a-side tournament featuring the best talent in netball and soccer in the northern suburbs.  

Bryanston Primary has a proud 66-year heritage for delivering high standards of academic education, specialised education programmes, a wide variety of extra murals and is a very well managed and supported school.

This year the following primary schools entered their under 10, 11, 12 and open teams in the netball and soccer competitions: Bryanston, Montrose, Bryneven, Bryandale and Bordeaux. The format involved a round robin concluding with a final match between the 2 teams with the highest points per category.

The six-a-side format has proven to be an exciting format where many matches can be played in shortened time and on smaller fields for the soccer matches. The hard fought matches in such quick succession also tested the fitness and endurance levels of the participants.

After a well-attended event the victors on the day were Bryandale taking both the Netball and Soccer Trophies – well done Bryandale!

Results were as follows:


Age group Netball Winners  A Netball Winners B
Under 10 Bryandale Butterflies Bryandale Dragonflies
Under 11 Bryandale Pixies and Montrose Nets Bryandale Fairies
Under 12 Bryandale Peacocks Bryneven Gazelles
Under 13 Bryandale Blues Bryanston Stars


Age group Soccer Winners  A Soccer Winners B
Under 10 Bryanston Bullets Bryneven Brazil
Under 11 Bryandale Rangers Bryneven Rangers
Under 12 Bryandale Spurs Bryandale United
Under 13 Bryanston Bosses Montrose Gunner

According to Mr. Morne Marx the acting Principal of Bryanston Primary School: “This year we’re delighted to host the visiting teams to our wonderful school where a high standard of netball and soccer was on display.  We always appreciate the vociferous support that the competing teams receive from their families, friends and fellow learners.  Congratulations to all the participants for the good spirit in which the games were played and well done to the ultimate team winners and Bryandale for taking the top awards.  We appreciate the generosity we received from our sponsors, thanks to the volunteers, families, friends, attendants, coaches, officials and staff for their donations of time, resources, talents, patience and good humor, and to Mix 93.8 FM who broadcast live from the event on the day – thank you.

The school’s first Mix 93.8 FM live broadcast provided many kids with centre stage opportunities to be on the radio, sharing their sporting achievements and dreams. Mix 93.8 FM also supplied special donation boxes and promoted the collection of sports equipment for their May sports month drive to supply to those schools and clubs less fortunate.

School sport like this certainly creates an exciting energy filled carnival type atmosphere with opportunities for promoting: positive social interaction, teamwork, healthy living, personal discipline and perseverance while learning how to win and how to lose gracefully. Saturday certainly provided great opportunities to build great citizens of South Africa’s future.

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