Pearl Harbour – is this another Japanese invasion?

No! – This is an invasion of seafood, Sushi, beautiful wines, heart-warming breakfast and great coffee in the heart of Lonehill.

The name Pearl Harbour brings to mind the attack on Pearl Harbour which saw America enter the Second World War. This Pearl Harbour however came about in a completely different way. Neville Govender, owner and founder of Pearl Harbour Kitchen Bar, was trying to find a name for his new restaurant, when he woke up one morning and the name just came to him. No marketing agencies, no brand building exercises, brain storming sessions, or reference to any historical event – just a name that simply popped up in his head!

The name however, has some relevance to this fantastic venue. The Pearl describes the quality of the ambiance and the expression of the unique experience you will have, from easy listening live music from the piano to the jazz like sound of the saxophone

The name Harbour refers to the variety of seafood and sushi that is on offer. But what Pearl Harbour has to offer does not stop there. Pearl Harbour is a fine dining restaurant, and no restaurant is complete without the offering of a great breakfast and a cup of the very best coffee to start your day. If you are so inclined for something more traditional, come in for a burger, chicken schnitzel or a steak with a craft beer.

What is Neville`s philosophy and approach to being a restaurant owner? Well Neville does not come from a background in hospitality, in fact his background and business success is in the Software industry, which has taken him to various countries, and has resulted in him staying in many hotels and dining in many different restaurants. His approach is therefore based on his experiences as a customer, and from his understanding in his business career of what customers want which is simply that their needs to be met.

He translates this through Pearl Harbour Kitchen Bar to be of great quality and added value through the experience the customer has, whether a cup of coffee, breakfast, a wide range of choices from the menu, or just sitting and chilling with a glass of wine while listening to live Jazz music.

Pearl Harbour is a destination restaurant and the aim is to make this home away from home, and also as an alternate office venue with the bottomless coffee and Wi-Fi.

Neville is clear on his strategy on giving back to the community which becomes reciprocal to a win-win offering. The Pensioners daily discounts on their meals and the free hiring of the conference venue are just a few things Pearl Harbour offers to make life just easier and simple…..

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