A new dawn in Credit management

Are you a credit manager, accountant for financial manager with credit management credentials?

Many companies do not have a real or true insight into credit, which leaves them at a disadvantage and may be running their businesses ‘blind’ when it comes to understanding the world of credit and the impact this lack of understanding and insight could have on their business.

There is now a solution that gives businesses the ability to have a true credit management view and understanding. The solution is called Credit Network.Biz (CBN) which is a proprietary software solution providing clients with access to a vast network of qualified specialist credit service providers which spans over the full credit lifecycle.

Credit Network.Biz is looking for “accredited credit managers” to partner with CNB and form part of the solution to present their skills, knowledge and services as part of this programme to businesses across South Africa.


CNB offers to its client’s online access to a vast network of specialist credit services which services are rendered by diverse entities who all focus on different aspects of credit.

When looking at credit in its entirety you can say that there are many pieces to the puzzle, each piece is made up by a different specialist service, so the question we asked ourselves is why not put all these pieces onto a single platform to formulate and complete the picture.

By signing up with CNB our clients immediately have access to our credit ecosystem made up of two of South Africa’s leading credit bureau’s, credit insurance assistance, electronic credit applications, debt collection services, pre-legal assessments, overseeing attorneys, tracing facilities, blacklisting facilities, business monitoring facilities, scoring facilities, forensic auditors, and legal services.

Our achievement is that specialist credit service providers can now push and pull information between one another to allow for much faster process, aligned action plans, correct and accurate data, national footprint, true transparency but most of all cost effective credit management.

In our pursuit to complete the puzzle and provide a holistic full credit ecosystem, CNB is currently aligning its software to create a new and exciting slot “Credit Manager In A Cloud”

We are now offering to 100 “Accredited Credit Managers” the opportunity to join in and not only START YOUR OWN BUSINESS but to also become one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and form part of this great new credit management system and programme. These 100 accredited credit managers will get access to free software and solutions that exceeds R3 million, putting them in the position to start their own “CREDIT MANAGER IN A CLOUD” business under our brand. Credit manager in a cloud, powered by Compuscan data and Centrepiece technologies.

CBN is a member of The Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce, who they have found to be a perfect fit for their business.  This is due to their values being aligned in developing entrepreneurs and establishing beneficial partnerships amongst businesses in the community. The Fourways Community Chamber is a platform to profile businesses with the express interest of sustainable and collaborative development.

CBN supports The Fourways Chamber Of Commerce`s endorsement, of the work done by Rotary clubs and supports, and in particular the Fourways Main Reef Rotary Club with their projects

To apply and register for the CREDIT MANAGER IN A CLOUD START MY OWN BUSINNESS SOLUTION please contact GERHARD STEYN (T) 086 110 6500 (F) 086 689 6593 (C) 082 498 3341

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